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Zoli Boy Review

Site added:2008-08-01
Join price:$29.95

Content ratio: 7/10

Updates ratio: 7/10

Usability ratio: 6/10

This is final ratio of a site. It
includes visitors opinion.


Introduction: Meet Zoli. He's an average who has an interesting job. Zoli is a lowly porn assistant. But the job does have its perks. These silly amateur sluts seem to think Zoli can help their porn careers and let's just say they'll scratch his back if he scratches theirs.


Main: Zoli's website varies quite a bit. Some scenes will be fairly standard; fucking, sucking and a cumshot. Others might contain fisting, pissing, bukkake, toys, ass licking, gangbangs or double penetration. It all depends on who the girl is and what Zoli (and occasionally his friends) are in the mood for.


I've been inside other websites owned and operated by the same folks behind Zoli's website. And so far I've been extremely impressed by their simple and easy to navigate member's area design. But not so with Zoli's website. Don't get me wrong. The quality of the content is just as good and there seems to be a hell of a lot available. But it's quite cluttered and finding your way around is more cumbersome than it needs to be.


Technically, the site updates daily. But scenes are split up over a few days. So each day you'll get a new clip. But don't worry, once all the clips are made available, so too will an option to download the entire scene as a single file. The number of clips for each scene isn't consistent. Some scenes are broken up into as many as 5 or 6 pieces, and others are only 2 or 3. So at the very least you're getting one exclusive scene per week. But sometimes more. It just depends.


The way the site is laid out, it makes it very difficult to see just how many scenes are available. So instead of sitting there for ages trying to figure it out, I simply went to the model index. As of July 2008, Zoli's website featured just over 300 different girls. Now I know for a fact that at least a few of these girls have appeared more than once. The latest update at the time I'm writing this review is a beautiful brunette named Gita. She's appeared 4 times in the site! So at the very least it's safe to assume there are more than 300 updates available inside. How many more? I have no idea. In any case, that's a huge amount of exclusive content.


If you're dealing with an actual picture update, you'll get high resolution images measuring 1280 x 850 pixels. Expect around 100 pics per gallery. And you can download each in zip format, too. The pictures that come along with video updates are just screenshots and to be honest leave a lot to be desired. Video content is available in MP4 format at a resolution of 640 x 480 and while it's not the best out there, it looks pretty reasonable.


A big part of this membership is the bonus access you'll receive. To begin with, you'll get access to 10 bonus sites. After the first month, you get a 5 dollar reduction in your membership price and access to 2 more websites. And then every month after that you'll get access to another 2 until finally you have access to the whole network (of 45 websites). So there's going to be heaps of extra stuff every month!


Conclusion: You might seem a bit put off when you first login, but if you're prepared to find your way through the poorly designed member's area, there's a wealth of hot content waiting for you. The site is updating almost constantly with new clips and pictures. It's all exclusive. And the growing bonus access means you're getting great value for money. Certainly worth a look if you like what you see on the tour.



$29.95 – First 30 Days (then $24.95 every 30 days after)

$59.95 – First 90 Days (then $54.95 every 90 days after)

$94.95 – 180 Days (non-recurring)


Alternative Billing:

Pay By Phone

Site Zoli Boy reviewed on 2008-08-01  

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Amount of Content: 8/10

Content exclusivity: 10/10

Site layout: 6/10

Usability ratio: 6/10

Extras: 7/10

Price rating: 7.3333/10

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